Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sooo thankful for...

The sound of Jason coming through the garage door.
Wise insights from friends.
Kanah wanting to get in bed with me in the morning.
My daughters’ curls.
Jason reading the Bible with the girls and seeing them mimick David doing his slingshot and the people singing hosanna and adam eating the apple.
Grace saying sweetly “that’s fuuuuunny” with a huge smile on her face.
Kanah asking me to sing Snow White in the dark at night (I make a different one up each time b/c I can’t remember the last tune I did) and then her pleased little giggle afterwards.
After-nap snuggles from the little ladies.
The book of Ephesians.
Random conversations with my hairdresser.
My husband's prayers over me.
Salem on my shoulder snoring before bed.
Having a son. What an insanely wonderfully amazing surprise to my heart.
My son crawling in high speed towards me with a hissing, excited-noise (you have to hear it) grin all over his face.
Unexpected doors to talk about being a Christian. Lights up my day.
Facebook homepage. Love listening in on so many lives.
Jeans that fit in a size I could stick with.
Our live-in family (as Grace said tonight – “Shawn Cowan, Kalle Cowan, Pearce Cowan”).
Morning snooze snuggles.
My toddlers teaching me they can handle memorizing Scripture “Be kind and compassionate to one another.”
$1 Large sweet tea from McDonalds.
When no one is in the house but me.
When everyone is in the house with me.
Salem loving playtime in his crib for thirty minutes every morning.
My kids liking church.
The Holy Spirit wanting to talk to me all day.
Helping my kids reconcile from the “I’m sorry for _” to the “Will you forgive me?” to the “I forgive you” and then laughing as Kanah runs away from Grace who wants to end it all with a kiss and a hug.
The rain setting on my sound machine, perfectly muted with two layers of clothing over it.
Lipstick notes on my mirror.
A clean floor.
Community group in my family room.
Posted comments, especially from my husband, on my blog.
My publisher online books.
The City (online network for churches).
How kanah exclaims “mommy!” if someone else has been watching her for me and she sees me for the first time in hours.
Grace’s trust for me.
Salem’s little legs wrapped on my left hip.
Writing night.
Piecing together overlapping tidbits and lessons and insights in my life and to see resolution.
Divine moments.
Moments I am convinced, by their actions or words, that I am loved by someone.
A look from my husband or friend from across a room that speaks volumes.
Sticker books with stickers that can be moved around.
Velcro shoes. Not for me, people.
Days I don’t have to wake up until 7:00am. (the college version of me would be so confused why I’d be thankful for that…)
Text messaging. Oh what a nice surprise. Shouldn’t have stayed stubborn so long.
Family. (I can’t believe I haven’t written that one yet).
Christmas cheer. The more obnoxious the better.
Forgiveness. I’m wrong so much, I don’t know how I’d live without it.
Scripture TRUTH running through my head.
Our marriage retreat.
Wednesday mornings. (me time)
Wednesday nights. (me and Jason time)
When someone tears up at something that means a lot to you.
Being heard. Being noticed. Being understood.
Being rooted in Christ’s love.
Hearing my mom’s voice when she answers.
Intentional gift giving.
People loving on my kids.
GRACE (=undeserved gifts from God).


jasonbradley said...

Thanks for being thankful for so many things about me, love.

jasonbradley said...

P.S. I am immensely thankful for many things that have to do with you. Need to blog it up.